Tidal Wars is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour.

We aim to bring you one of the best enhancements for C&C Generals Zero Hour, adding the brand new water warfare for the Generals universe.

Fight in land, air, and seas to become the ultimate battlefield commander. Manage your forces with wisdom and eliminate all threats for once.

Featuring submarines, battleships, and more, Tidal Wars promises to write a new page into C&C Generals Zero Hour history.

Tidal Wars is the first C&C Generals ZH modification that will bring you something that EA missed in C&C Generals: the epic water warfare. Featuring high-quality models and units, Tidal Wars will focus on naval battles with battleships, submarines, amphibious units, and special water structures, with awesome new-maps with redesigned, smarter, and better AI.

What makes Tidal Wars different with other naval mods is, we are using the newest method of build system for building on water. Since your dozers and workers cannot perform off-shore construction operational, you are provided with the new "Shipyard Cores" which are amphibious and carrying construction material for your Shipyards.