About NProductions

NProductions is an indie game developer team focusing on creating modifications for Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour.

NProductions is found and led by n5p29 when he's developing the NProject Mod in its early days. After NProject Mod hosted on ModDB, some people interested in joining the team such as Gen.Kenobi, Ruby92, and V.Metalic.

When NProductions starts the Recolonize mod, NProductions was merged into larger developers team called GRANS Studios. However, due to such unfortunate event, the short lived GRANS was disbanded and NProductions returns to take its own course.

After separated from GRANS, lack of team member puts NProductions in a crisis. Some new members coming in, but there's also many were left the team. They left mostly because real life issue or inactivities. Right now, only n5p29 still actively working while helped by a few contributors.

Our Honorable Members:

  • n5p29 - Leader and main developer
  • Gen.Kenobi - 3D Artist, Textures
  • KariaS/Ruby92 - 3D Artist
  • V.Metalic - Lore Writer, 3D Artist
  • HeartbreakOne - Concept Artist
  • Red_Hawk - Concept Artist
  • Dawn_Shade - Mapper
  • Shadow-Micha - Concept Artist, 3D Artist