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The 7th update actually was planned to be published on July 2014, but on June I got a call that I was hired in an IT company. The work was fine, I was doing good, the place was nice, but I hardly have spare time to spend in my hobbies, thus I put this mod into hiatus for indefinite time that time. It became more stressing enough that in the end of year I decided to quit and moved to a new job that I feel more relaxed. So well yeah, I finally got my time to continue this mod development and now we're back on the roll.

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End of February 202x
Somewhere in Southern Philippines

Filipina Freedom Movement (FFM) is a lesser-known radical party in Philippines that was trying to make their homeland be independent from foreign control. In one of the hideouts, the FFM leader Sulama Rafeeda is reading the radio broadcast and message reports from across the country about the advancement of both the US and PLA forces. The two superpowers were looking for GLA splinter cells, but he was not convinced by this. This is the first time he heard about GLA or any of its affiliates in Philippines, both USA and China must be using it to cover their real agenda.

He was worried and scared of the events in Philippines. The news from the media and paper rewrites of radio broadcasts were extremely grim. PLA was sending more men and equipment to keep the "search for GLA active", and Americans were positioning their garrisons in the cities across the islands, both armies taking the guise of "rooting out the GLA". Rafeeda feared that this was just a masqueraded takeover and dividing Philippines or a prelude to war that at any rate Philippines will turn into a warzone which will make the land devastated, deprived of all resources and stroke by poverty, riots and gang fights. No matter what the pro-American political experts were saying, the end of free Philippines was at the end if nothing changes.

Although FFM was gaining more recruits, if he wanted the open hostility to have a chance of success it was not enough, nor was the battle plans they preparing were particularly well. Too much inexperience was at the fault, as well as insurmountable numerical advantage of the US Army and PLA forces, as well as technological superiority.
"Sir, we just received a radio transmission, but it is not from one of our own." Called unexpectedly the radio operator in the base towards Rafeeda.
"Is it the Philippine Army, Americans or Chinese secret police?"
"No sir. Please, you have to hear this for yourself."
The mild rustle in the room ceased as everyone watched Rafeeda took the radio earphone.
"Who is it on the line?" Asked the leader.
"General Mohmar."
Rafeeda turned pale after hearing these words, incapable of speech in an instant. It is Mohmar, better known as General Deathstrike, the leader of the GLA and number one most wanted person on the world.
"What do you want? Why did you contacted us?"
"To offer you a chance to give the invaders of your nation the kick that they deserve. Your country is in danger, and I am sure you know this too."

Rafeeda had to admit it was true, but he held reservation towards the GLA, as these guys were only causing problem despite them claiming to be "liberation army". Should he take this offer, he knew it would be for a price.
"If I will, theoretically, take your offer, what would you have from it?"
A short amused laugh was heard, than the tyrant spoke with amusement. "You are very clever. I will have from it that the US and Chinese will be at each other throat. The tension between these two is something that sooner or later would escalate into a war. And I prefer it to be sooner."

March 202x
Iloilo, Central Philippines

The two armies of the USA and China had a meeting on Iloilo City, meanwhile the FFM operatives are already prepared to execute the plan designed by General Mohmar.

One such group of fourteen FFM armed men was moving to Chinese artillery battery, with five Inferno Cannons and one platoon of Red Guards guarding it. The artillery battery was located in another part of the city, and that was a mistake PLA have made, as they will find soon enough. FFM troops were slowly moving in. With such swift move, they managed to launch an ambush that completely caught the Chinese troops off-guard.

FFM men have quickly secured the area, and their sniper also did his job as the Chinese radio operator was nullified. It was crucial that the enemy don't know about the attack on the artillery battery till the last moment. Without any delay, the team raided one of the Inferno Cannons. Soon the barrel started lifting as it was preparing to bring some fire.

In the suburbans where the US Forces had their camp, the relaxed silence was interrupted by the first whistling which was getting louder and louder until it culminated in a fire explosion. Everyone in the US camp froze in their tracks and watched the fire that engulfed their armored cars, unable to comprehend what just happened. Soon second whistling made a fire ball out of a supply depot. The situation on the camp turned into a chaos.

In another part of the city a squad of Red Guards were standing outside a block of houses looking for presence of anything that looked like it may have been affiliated with GLA. A group of FFM troops were moving in to the Red Guards outside, dressed in complete American Ranger outfits and assault rifles which they have stolen from American supply surplus. The group then opened fire on the unsuspecting Chinese. Although this won't kill everyone this was only meant as distraction for the Chinese troops. The FFM quickly left the area and left behind several empty magazines from their assault rifles.

The events were happened in a quick succession. Confusion among American and Chinese forces was absolute as the FFM conducted many attacks on both sides while pretending to be the other to make the appearance of mutual hostilities more than believable. They were real. The armies soon, in the heat of the moment, were engaging in combat. Iloilo have become a battlefield. The commanders were brought by the flow of emotions and no one could stop the fighting at this moment.

The Philippine War has just began.

PT Boat

Ever since the GLA was created it tried to spread its influence everywhere. While it got successes on the surface, the true majority of their naval force was composed of a bunch of pirate crews that were not that all interest in the terrorist organization's ideals and goals. While GLA got several naval victories such as sinking the American aircraft carrier USS Nelsen, it was because of Juhziz's bombing action than any operation of their ships. Realizing this problem, GLA commanders and generals started jury-rigging old and small boats, adding to them small torpedo tubes and defense weapons, making it an improvised fast combat vessel that can deal some serious blows to the enemy navies.

The PT Boat is small, fast and cheap navalcraft of the GLA, serving as their main naval craft that can be easily made and maintained, and packing an adequate weaponry to engage the larger military vessels of the US Navy and PLAN. Four torpedo launchers on the sides makes its anti-ship role much easier to do, and to top it of the crews are mounting on the deck in majority of cases a machine guns which are pretty weak against the ship armor plating, but are ideal for attacking amphibious units, being it a hovercraft, Troop Crawler or swimming commandos. However, it shall be noted that PT Boat is still just a small boat, meaning that even one well placed shot from a destroyer can tear the boat into thousand pieces. On top of that, PT Boat can transport small team of infantry man across the water, delivering them for a surprising ambush from the beaches.

Rocket Jetski

It is a sad, if ironic memory, that the consequences of the Hong Kong battle could make such impact on the future GLA naval operations. In the opening stages of the Chinese counteroffensive to destroy the Convention Center, group of Rebels took several jetskis in their crazed state, and decided to join the battle themselves. Taking several rocket launchers from their buggies, the RPGs or any other rockets they could get their hands on, they welded them onto the jetski and than set sail and harassed the Chinese ground forces which were trying to approach to the Convention Center by the Tsing Yi Bridge as reinforcements to the forces which made it across before the destruction of Tsing Ma Bridge. The rocket barrages unleashed by the raiding Rebels delayed Chinese forces for enough time that the remains of the other Chinese forces had a hard time in rooting out GLA from the island.

This crazed idea found a fertile land among the pirates and sailors that sympathized with the GLA, and when the GLA stroke again, the Rocket Jetski were among the notorious harassers, using their rockets to hit the enemy ships hard as they were speeding among them. Thought the casually rates among them according to both American and Chinese intelligences are staggering, but the fanatical zeal of the rebels is unshakable.

February 202x
South China Sea / Southern Philippines

After finding clues about a GLA splinter cell hiding in the Philippines, and evident lack of resolve from the local garrisons of the United States, the People's Republic of China decided to take the matter into their own hands. In just a few months the plans were formulated and all forces and resources collected in Hainan, and under the command of General Leang the fleet set sail towards Southeast Asia.

The approach of the fleet was soon spotted by the US garrison and requested to explain their task force's close proximity to Philippinean waters. The other side informed that they got intel about the presence of the GLA in Palawan, and were send to deal with it.

While both parties informed their superiors, the commanding officers of the Chinese task force and commander of US garrison and Philippines general formed a pact to deal with this presumed GLA threat. The PLA will take a look over the western islands starting from Sabah while USA military will search from the northern mainland. When the USA vehicles and men started spreading over the country it wasn't as suspicious, but when the first Chinese forces landed in the El Nido Bay and Treacherous Bay of Palawan with their large hovercrafts, and when their tanks drove by the roads and cities, it caused a panic among the civilization, which was in great fear of an upcoming invasion from the Asian superpower.

The government quickly calmed down the public, stating that Chinese forces are here legitimately and searching for the presence of the GLA. While in the background, Philippine's cabinet was upset about China for their unannounced arrival and demanded their swift retreat, leaving the search up to the USA. General Leang have disclaimed that, saying that because of USA's incompetence the GLA would grow uncontrollable, and it is up to the PLA to do the job. As the Palawan island province with all its assigned islands was secured by the Chinese forces, an infantry contingent was sent from the recently established military base to reinforce the landing parties, and day after the first landing the Sulu, Tiwa-Tiwa and Basilan islands were taken over as well.

The searching in the whole Philippines ensued, looking for any GLA camps or even just small safe houses. As the Chinese effort coming from nearby Sabah grew, sending more and more men, the United States reacted and deployed a task force with naval support to help their garrison in the search.

The game of hunt begins; without both China and USA knowing it is a scenario set by an unknown hand.

Seafox Submersible

As China have decided to secure the South China Sea region and to get rid of rumored GLA in the Philippines area, which is unpleasantly close to the mainland, the Navy requested to create a smaller submarine which could easily move in the shallow waters of Philippines archipelagos where their massive Nuclear Submarines had problem navigating through without revealing their positions. Thus, the Seafox was created.

Manned by just a crew of 10 men, the Seafox is a small combat submarine armed with two torpedo launchers that can deliver serious pounding to the terrorists' or even American vessels (in simulations), sensor and sonar array that can reveal the famed "stealth units", and its small size and simple design enables its large production rate, dubbing it by the Chinese sailors as "Sea Battlemaster".

At first this submarine were receiving not-so-good receptions from the Command's older members, who claimed it looked like its developers took it straightly from the virtual world of video games. However, General Leang, as commander-in-chief of the invasion, sees that this Philippines conflict is a perfect baptism of fire for this mini-sub.

Amphibious Transport

The cooperation of China and Russia was improving in the last decades, with many joint military projects taking place between these two world powers. One such project was a colossal landing craft to transport large numbers of units, including even the large Overlord Tanks. Based on the Zubr LCAC, the Chinese Amphibious Transport entered service shortly before the Philippines Conflict and is instrumental for the rapid deployment of the Chinese heavy tanks onto the battlefield.

Amphibious Transport is among the largest naval vessels the Chinese navy in service, and the largest hovercraft ever build in the world. Its cargo capacity is enormous, ferrying up to a platoon of infantry, several Battlemaster tanks, or even some Overlord Tanks. This, unfortunately, makes the hovercraft along with its weight extremely slow, and thus susceptible to all forms of attacks, and only its armoring and additional escort can guarantee that the Chinese forces will safely disembark.


Today we bring you some more of the Chinese naval assets that will be included in the first release (don't ask when will it be released, the answer is still the same), and it also concludes the Chinese naval assets. With the next update we will start with the GLA, and continue on with the Philippines situation.

Stay tuned and until the next time!

September 202x
PLA Base Dragon, Gansu Province, China

The temperature outside was getting pretty low, and weather was very windy, with the Chinese banners and flags wildly flapping. Thankfully the building where the meeting was taking place was well isolated and properly warmed. The conference table was divided between the two parties involved: representatives of Evans and PLA. General Leang was at the center of her group, surrounded by other military officers. On the other side there was the Chairman of the Asian branch of Evans Corporation Hong Yi Li and his suited lawyers and specialists.

The meeting was ended with the signing of the contract which appoints Evans to produce SCVs for the China as the China will need them. When Li was presenting the technology to General Leang, Leang didn’t show much interest and kept her cold demeanor. When the presentation ended, after the discussion with the other officers, she commissioned first ten hovercrafts to be delivered by two months, and signed the contract. The representative of PLA General Staff and PLAN Admiral signed right after Leang, followed by Li and another man who signed on behalf of Evans.gies, where they were making their own progress, and especially Leang who was known to not trust other nations.

After After the Evans representatives left the base complex, The Tigress, walking to her office, was followed by one of the officers who were present during the meeting. He noticed Leang smiling as her high heels echoed through the hall. "It's unusual to see you in this good mood. What is it that it made you like that, General?" asked the officer as they made a turn into another corridor. Leang gave him a swift look "Just thinking how naive the Evans Corporation is."

December 202x
BCTV Headline News Broadcast

"Good day, China."
"The PLA, with the assistance of the industrial companies and brightest minds of the people, have made a great invention that will allow us to build structures and objects on the deep water surfaces in a moment notice. The first construction to be finished by this method was a colony of houses near the beaches of Xiamen, where the construction of the colony took just two weeks."

"According to the words of the PLA representative that we interviewed, the navy plans to use this invention to be used for the construction of remote shipyards and naval bases to help increase the security of our borders near the Pacific."

Hello, it's been a long time since we have made a last update. This update was delayed a bit because our team leader was occupied with real life issues, but in the end the delay was not as significant as we feared. Today we bring you the means how to produce the naval units for the China, the SCV and Shipyard. Enjoy!

Chinese Shipyard Construction Vehicle (SCV)

After their sucess at selling their invention to the Americans, The Evans Corporation makes a secret deal with China to provide them with their own SCVs. However, unbeknown to Evans, General Leang ordered her engineers to reverse-engineer Evans' invention so that they can create their own version to better fit PLA's "performance requirements". China's SCV design is more durable and robust than it's American counterpart, and moves on the water with the help of inflatable pontoons stored just above its treads and propellers that drop down from a compartment at the back. With this vehicle, China hopes to keep up with the American's naval expansion.

Chinese Shipyard Construction Vehicle (SCV)

After acquiring the working SCV and studying its technology, China began designing their new "floating docks" for their submarines and ships with the purpose of repairing, refitting or even assembling them almost from scratch on the open sea. They are capable of producing most of a ship's parts using their internal forge, leaving only the most complicated parts to be delivered from the surface. Now that the SCV has been unveiled and put into service, China has a new opportunity to even the odds with the US Navy in securing the coasts around their homeland.

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Well, until the next update then, which will hopefully be sooner than later.

People's Republic of China, August 202x
BCTV Headline News Broadcast

"Good day, China. This is Sun Meiying from BCTV."

"Today, the General Staff announced the plans for the intention of strengthening the number of vessels of the navy. The reason given too the public was to increase the security of the people on the coasts against the GLA incursions which have been recently directed on the trade ships and naval docks. The General Staff also informed that the larger contingent of the military vessels is straight response to the American expansion of its military bases closer to our homeland. The way the Americans would expand so fast on the seas to dock and maintain their destroyers, battleships and aircraft carriers closer to the Asian continent is not known, but this potential threat is the reason for the needed expansion of our naval forces."

"Our navies are composed of smaller escort ships, destroyers, and submarines, the largest of them carrying nuclear warheads. Right now a group of nuclear submarines are leaving ports are moving out from Huludao submarine docks into their classified positions across the Pacific ocean, to protect our land and people."

"By the estimations of the General Staff, a batch of new vessels should be ready in two months. In six months from now a quarter of the planned navy should be finished, and the total order be finished in 18 months. We will keep you informed about this development."

Good day, Generals and Admirals.

Today's update story is not long like the previous ones, but it is an important element of the story of Tidal Wars. China is not aware of the method used by the USA to quickly produce the new naval shipyards across the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and as a response they are mobilizing their fleets of ships and submarines, even sending the tactical nuclear submarines, even increase their might on the seas with more ships, optic to their tactic used on the surface. How will this continue? You will see in the next update.

Without any more delays, lets jump to the content of this update. As you have guessed, today we are bringing you the first Chinese units. Lets take a look!

Gattling Gunboat

For a time the PLA Navy possessed slightly above average arsenal of naval crafts, with large portion of these being attack and tactical submarines. The rest were destroyers and missile cruisers who were mostly kept as defense rather than combat one. The Gattling Gunboats are small and fast vessels with large diesel engines that were used as patrol and escort boats, protecting China's coastline. They escorted large transport vessels, warships and even submarines during the war, proving their worth, and as such they remained in service to this day with just minor refits to keep them in line with the modern day technologies.

While the gunboat is armed with only the Gattling cannon, the new improvement to the cannon design enables it to reach the maximal spin faster, thus able to shoot down enemy fighters faster. However, engagement with larger ships with dedicated anti-armor weapons is not advised by PLA General Staff. And despite its speed and easy production, Gattling gunboats are not meant for scouting missions, as they are not equipped with sonar and radar required to find submarines or stealth fighters, respectively.

Nuclear Submarine

For many years the PLA Navy maintained strong submarine fleet made out from bought Russian submarines. To upgrade this arsenal to their liking, China refurbished them and started producing these submarines under their name and with features they deemed adequate. Beside the attack submarines, PLA Navy has in its arsenal a significant number of nuclear warhead submarines that are kept in secret sub pens, only called when the country is in serious danger. With the start of the war with GLA, the nuclear submarines seen action in bombardment of terrorist coastal bases and strongholds that were further in the inland but in the range of the nuke missiles.

The nuclear submarines are a devastating vessels of the PLA, their nuclear missiles are comparable to the shells of the fearsome Nuke Cannons, in addition this the submarine fires three missiles in a row to cover a larger area. And like any modern submarine, by diving underwater, while being equipped with nuclear reactor propulsion rendering them practically noiseless. Only specialized sonars and observation equipments are able to spot them. To fight with other vessels, the submarines are also equipped with two forward-mounted torpedo launchers. But for its cumbersome design the turning is an issue, the targets that get too close can outmaneuver it, thus the constant escort of combat vessels is required to keep this valuable asset safe.

We hope that you have enjoyed the new units shown here. This may give you an idea on what direction the Chinese watercraft will take.

And as a bonus, here's a promotional render of the Nuclear Submarine made by Keksz.

That's it for now. See you in the next update!

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United States of America, July 202x
Evans Corporation US Branch, Arizona

In Arizona, at the center of Evans Corporation, a mysterious company which produces mostly military hardware, Admiral Fox and General Ironside were sitting in the conference room with two representatives from Evans, Secretary Jay Edwards and Doctor John Tyler, a chief of the R&D department. The meeting was started by secretary Edwards.

"Greetings, gentlemen! Evans Corporation is very happy to be of assistance in order to help the USA forces to finally end this war with GLA. As you all know, Evans' obligations are far more than just designing weapons. We are eager to help rebuild the Middle East and assist it's people to live in peace again. Being able to help you, distinctive gentlemen..."
"Cut off the ass kissing, Jay," resounded from the door and everyone looked on the man who just entered the conference room " these are just rude military man." Ironside frowned when looking on the newcomer. He knew that man from before, in a military camp he visited back when he was being Colonel at the time.

"So you survived that crash landing in Afghanistan. Seems even death cant hold you for too long, Burbank." Said Ironside as Thomas Max Burbank walked to join secretary Edwards and Dr. Tyler on their side of the table.

Thomas Burbank was a former Ranger Captain in the USA Recon Team Alpha II. Ironside first met him in the military camp Fort Dix. Burbank was part of the Operation Fire Dagger in Northern Afghanistan. During that operation Burbank's transport plane was shot down by the GLA and it was declared that there were no survivors with Burbank considered as MIA. Now, he's the Evans Special Personal Manager (ESPM) for USA operations.

"Yes, it's been long time General. Nice to see you again but I do believe you might have some "outdated" information... But that's another story and with all due respect General, we are here on business" Burbank replied while sitting on his chair beside Edwards. The silence lasted only for a moment when Burbank turned his head to the scientist.

"Shall we commence, Doctor Tyler? Doctor Tyler is a genius in our Nanotechnology Research department, but can't easily speak up in public."
"S-sure, sir. A-as you all k-know, Evans has developed a device.. c-c-capable of.. deploying itself using what we call... the SPAM routine (Standardized Production Assembly Module)."

"It c-consists.. in a unit p-packed with the.. materials that are going to be used by the... construction bots. These construction bots were developed in order to.. to assemble the structure. The.. the r-r-r-robots are equipped with..."
"I think that will be enough, Doctor," Interrupted him sleepy Burbank, "we're just a bunch of pragmatic soldiers. Can't you just show how it works? It doesn't matter which metal you used to build those damn things, just let's see them it in action."

The stuttering doctor nodded and grabbed a remote control. "O-okay, if-f you could all just.. take a look at th-the s-screen... I will show a video of it.. t-taken from the- the development during our final testing."

The piece of living information made the old brown eyes of Admiral Fox a bit watery. It was just what he wanted and most importantly what he expected. Ironside admitted it was a spectacular example of technology as he concluded "Evans Corp created a shining example of next generation military technology, which will help the US forces win this 'goddamn war' in the General's words".

"B-by the way... I-it was t-titanium" said surprisingly Doctor Tyler while placing his glasses higher on the nose.
"What???" the four man wondered after the unexpected information.
"Th-The robot.. material. I-it is titanium" said the doctor with a small confidence and amusement in his voice.

Welcome, General.

Thought we are not working as fast as other mods, we are careful about our every step and working to ensure as less bugs as possible. In the previous updates we showed you all USA ships which will appear in first release, now we are showing the last addition to US arsenal, the SCV.

But before, we will explain you how our navy system works. Unlike in other known naval mods, where either they must be built on shores facing the water, or where they are already placed in specific maps as generic tech structure, we are offering a player-specific construction of the Shipyards, where you can place your shipyard wherever you want. Knowing that Dozers and Workers would not be able to build structures in the water, and creating an "area" near shores where you can build them would be problematic, if not impossible issue, we used an adapted system from Red Alert 3, the Nanocore of Empire of Rising Sun.

Each faction in Tidal Wars will be able to produce Shipyard Construction Vehicle, or SCV for short, from the Command Center. They are available after the Supply Center like War Factories and Airfields. After you build your SCV you can send it to the water plane. There, you will activate the Deploy ability, and the construction of the Shipyard will begin. When the construction is complete, you are ready to build your naval forces as you see fit. Note that SCVs are one-use-only unit, after you deploy it, you will not be able to pack the Shipyard back to SCV. However they still can be refunded just like any other ground buildings.

This method enables one have a more freedom in the construction of the Shipyards. Also, to make the system less problematic for pathfinding of the ships, our models are scaled down from the original models of the US ships in campaign. The ships aren't larger than any of buildable structures, but still remains the largest units in the game. Another thing which is adopted from Red Alert 3. And as ships in Red Alert series, our ships will be turning on the spot. It can look weird, but it is also little helping pathfinding and making weird bugs, such as passing through shores and cliffs while turning.

That is all about the mechanics, now enjoy the render :)

USA Shipyard Construction Vehicle (SCV)

With the plans for "field shipyards" arose one complication. The standard shipyards on the shores were too fragile for bomb attacks. Even a single Bomb Truck attack could have stopped the work in the shipyard for months, and that was unacceptable with the ever-changing combat situation. For this purpose it was decided in US Navy to construct the Shipyards strictly in water without connection to the ground. And to construct them there, the Shipyard Construction Vehicle was designed with the help from Evans Corporation. These hovercrafts are specially outfitted small construction vehicle and packed construction materials to build one shipyard, as it can carry only a limited supply, and must also use some of it's own build.

United States of America, June 202x
The White House, Washington D.C.

In one of the conference rooms in the White House sat in one of the white sofas quietly one person. His white uniform of admiral bore many medals for his service in the United States Navy, and his graying hair was proof he was serving for three decades at least. He was waiting already half an hour, but he was patient and quietly read in one of the papers he brought on this meeting with president. The rest was lying on the conference table before him.

Finally, the doors opened and the man in black suit and red tie came into the room. President was a man in his 50's, with the signs of white hair but still he had his original hair color. The bodyguards shut the doors behind, leaving the admiral and president alone in the room, and admiral stood up to shook hands with his supreme commander. Then they both sat on different sofas and looked on each other.
"Admiral Fox." Said the president and admiral put down the papers in his hands to others on the table.

"Mr. President, I am glad you accepted me so swiftly. There is an urgent matter we need to discuss." Fox took one report from the table and handed it to president, who grabbed it and opened it.
"Yes. You send a word it was about the GLA." Admiral nodded.

"Precisely. The situation in Africa, Middle East and Central Asia is going well. General Ironside and Chinese PLA is destroying dozen of GLA bases in month, but it is still harder to find the remaining GLA strongholds. It seems that they are starting changing positions to prevent detection. But the situation is more stable so we are sending in a transports with supplies for the citizens, and there is the part I wanted to discuss with you, sir." President nodded, but was silent so Fox continued.

"It seems that GLA gained a support in Somalia, and established there several hidden naval bases, which are used by pirates to raid our convoys with civilian supplies. While the fleet under my command is strong enough to protect them, we have problems with the allied shipyards in the area of Indian Ocean where can be maintained ships damaged in the struggles with GLA ships. Our enemy is targeting these naval yards, and using suicide bomber tactics they have damaged six ports, making them unsuitable for docking of our ships for seven months till they will be repaired. Our ships have to sail farer to be repaired, which will make the escorts of the convoys more thin." President frowned from thinking about this new unpleasant developments, and for a short time was silent, considering the options.

"Do you have any ideas how to resolve this problem, admiral?" Fox briefly didn't moved, but then he nodded, keeping his serious expression.
"Yes, Mr. President. I have two solutions. First is adopting a new kind of auxiliary vessel with the task of repairing the ships right on the seas, using the same repair cranes in shipyards and field factories, and accompanied with several repair drones to fasten the process."

"The second solution is more daring, but can prove more beneficial for our naval forces." he continues. "The solution is that we will develop a shipyards build on the seas, where they can be more better protected then on shores. By cutting the connections from the land, the suicide bombers and infiltrators will not be able to get to the docks, and ships and aircraft will be engaged before they will get too close. However, the problem lies in the method of how to build these floating shipyards. I have contacted Evans Corporation, the defense contractor, and discussed with them about this. They have the solution we need, the details are in the papers that I will explain later. I was told they would be willing to supervise this project and give us the design if they will be given an official contract. This solution can give our ships option to be resupplied right at the area of their operation, similar to our bases on surface. With our great naval support it can give us the advantage against GLA we need to defeat in almost all operation theater." Admiral ended his speech, and led the president think about the possibilities he have gave to him. The black-suited man was thinking for few minutes, and Fox was all the time silent and patient. It was one of his characteristic traits.

Then finally president moved and looked into Fox's eyes.
"Fine, Admiral. I like them both, but we will have to inform the General Staff to discuss it further, but you have my support, admiral." Admiral nodded and opened another of the papers.
"Thank you, Mr. President. If you will allow, there are several recommendations about this which I can present to you now before we will inform the General Staff, so you will be more in the picture of the situation." President nodded and Admiral Fox started speaking.

Welcome back, General.

Today we will show you some US auxiliaries, which are still very important for your sea operations. With these, all basic naval units of USA have been shown to you. So the next are Chinese and GLA ships? Well, stay tuned.

As you can see we're changing our update format to also include more lore and fluff bits to explain what's going on behind the new arising conflict which is the focus of this mod. The US Navy had difficulties in giving naval support in The War Against Global Terrorism, thus they cannot fully get in the combat as depicted in the original game, but the mysterious defense contractor and independent weapon developer Evans Corporation had offered a groundbreaking solution they need. Who is actually the Evans Corp? Are they taking a major part in this conflict? Stay tuned for the future updates.

Fixer Boat

Beside the warships, which are at the forefront of the naval engagements and shore operations, also exists non-combat vessels with just as important role as destroyers and capital ships. One of these ships is Fixer trawler. Initially a small ship mostly used for transporting cargo and supplies, US Navy took the design and re-designed it to fill the role of mobile repair station, as the causalities sustained by GLA increased rapidly, especially the sinking of USS Reagan by GLA-captured Particle Cannon. Fixer received armor protection to sustain minor damage, but still it is the weakest ship in US arsenal, and to fulfill it's duty the ship was outfitted with repair crane, which can extend to considerable distances to repair nearby damaged ships. Fixer also houses a small supply of Repair Drones, which are designed to fasten the repairing of not only the ships, but also aircraft and helicopters.

USA Shipyard

With the start of the construction of large warships in 19th century, all countries were building large shipyards to produce these massive ships of war. USA, who is in present producing and maintaining the largest vessels in the world, the battleships and aircraft carriers, has under control many shipyards capable of keeping these giants operational, or when required creating them. Thanks to Evans Corporation, by using both the high technology in fabricated building and easy-to-assemble construction methods, United States Navy is capable of quickly establishing the small "artificial islands" shipyards near the shores of their controlled lands, where their ships are repaired, or even produced when required, to keep their dominance over the region. However it's still a mystery how these sites can be constructed with such speed.

See you in the next update!

Also check the cousin mod NProject Mod. The new version 2.8 have been released some time ago.

Welcome back, General!

After the hiatus, some leadership changes, and long discussions, we decided to change our direction and restate our objectives. We have decided to scrap the originally planned fourth faction (the Evans faction), thus the name of this mod, Project Evans, was no longer valid. Those who have followed us from the beginning supposedly know this mod have been coming from a long road, that's why after several reboots, now our purpose is finally set up. This mod now have been reborn with the name Tidal Wars.

Under the new leadership of NProductions who have bring the NProject Mod, Tidal Wars aims to give you the best of the possible naval warfare into the Generals game while keeping "in-style" from the original game. And unlike another naval mods, this mod using the newest method of build method to build naval structures. Since your Dozers and Workers cannot perform off-shore construction operational, you are provided with the new "Shipyard Cores" which are amphibious and carrying construction material for your Shipyards. With this, Shipyards and naval units can't be built on the lands anymore (which often to happen in other naval mods). You can build your Shipyard wherever you want as long as it's on the water.

Thought there are also few things we want to add, which aren't totally associated with naval warfare, but we will come to that later.

Now, for the future. We are planning to release the first version, which will contain:
- Shipyard structures for all three factions along with the respective deploying vehicles.
- Standard ships for all vanilla factions. Higher-tier and variety ships will be added later.
- New maps made specifically for the naval combat.
- Overhauled tech tree. Each faction have more advanced tech tree compared to the original game simpleton tech tree.
- Bug fixes, enhancement, and competitive balances existed in NProject Mod. (but don't expect NProject Mod exclusive units here)

And at the end to give you something that we have been working on this mod. :)


The main fighting unit of the US Navy, Destroyers are extensively used across the globe for various operations like convoy escort, anti-submarine operations, scouting of unknown waters and many more. Its gun turret can deal a lot of shells in quick succession, and added with its torpedo tubes, which are pointing at the front, the Destroyer can deliver heavy ordnance which can sink most of opposing ships in few salvos.

The size of the Destroyer is small and compact for a warship, makes them ideal for scouting missions and main fighters, engaging enemy at close range while larger vessels would stay behind and support Destroyers. Among its all assets is another one, and that is active sonar detection, giving Destroyer option to find enemy submarines hiding underwater, and with the torpedoes being able to root them out and send them into the depths forever.

Phalanx Cruiser

While GLA didn't had any air force on its own, they still had many stolen and salvaged old planes which can deliver various toxic agents into the territory controlled by US Army. When the terrorists planes started bypassing American anti-air batteries in Mediterranean Sea by water, US Navy was forced to solve this problem shortly. The final reason was Phalanx Cruiser. Large vessel equipped with the latest electronics and technologies and armed with two Phalanx CIWS, Phalanx Cruiser is able to locate and destroy any aircraft within seconds with volley of hundred shells (in matter of seconds) with pin-point accuracy, becoming an absolute guardian of the skies in the navies.

With its weapons, Phalanx is able to fight with all sorts of aerial threats of the fleet as well as intercepting ballistic missiles. The great drawback is, that the two CIWS aren't able to track any ship, making the Cruiser defenseless to any kind of naval attack, thus requiring an escort of Destroyers.


Since the World War II era most of the nations put aside the concept of large battleships and replaced them by task groups of aircraft carriers or missile cruisers. However, United States Navy still maintains battleships in its arsenal due to its durability and superior firepower. Many improvements in electronics were added to keep these vessels up to date with other ships but maintains its firepower of six 16 inch guns. For their devastating power, battleships are mostly used in shore bombardment operations to soften the enemy defense before the amphibious assault.

While the firepower is overwhelming, battleships are unable to fire on targets too close, making them an easy target for submarines. Commanders resolve this by dispatching Destroyers and Phalanx cruisers to defend these warships with great effect. The presence of even one Battleship makes any enemy more wary and cautious, as it can spread devastation anywhere it moves.

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