This page explains how the installer and launcher works.

This page also intended to help people who encounter installation and launcher issues by giving the solutions.

The guides in this page work for both Tidal Wars and NProject Mod.

Install Notes

This mod is not a standalone application thus it need certain requirements to work correctly.

Before you install the mod check these things first:

  • You have installed the Command & Conquer: Generals and its Zero Hour expansion.
    • English version is preferred.

  • Patch the Zero Hour to version 1.04.
    • If you are using Command & Conquer: The First Decade, you don't need to patch.
    • Do NOT use any unofficial patches like ZH 1.06 as they are, in fact, a mod.

  • If you have the previous mod version, remove the old version first.
  • Make sure the Zero Hour folder is not set to Read-only. The installer need to extract files to ZH directory.
  • Run the installer program as admin if necessary.

When running the installer:

  • Make sure the install directory is correct. Install the mod in your ZH game directory.
    • The default install directory (ZH default game directory) is
      C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour
    • The First Decade default ZH game directory is
      C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer The First Decade\Command & Conquer(tm) Generals Zero Hour
    • If your ZH installed on different folder, change the mod install directory in the installer.

  • If the installer hangs, wait for it. The content file(s) might be quite large so it takes some time to copy.

If the installation failed, maybe your install file is broken. Try to redownload the file.

NOTE: Some people really can't use the installer, try using the non-installer version.

Mod Launcher

This mod uses a launcher to make the mod easier to run and being compatible with most of another mods that use a launcher.

ZH can only play one mod at a time. Installing certain mods into the zero hour will break the game/mod. These certain mods called standalone mods. If the mod comes with a launcher they can just be installed on top of each other.

NProject Mod launcher is actually just a simple file-renaming batch program. When the launcher running it will rename the required files and then launch the game. After you close the game, the launcher will revert back the renamed files (in order to prevent conflicts with another mods) and finally close itself.

Launcher Issues

Some people having difficulties in running the mod mostly because the launcher won't work. If you have similar problem, check these things first out.

  • Check if the installation was successful. (check if there are *.NPM files in the ZH directory, etc.)
    • If you install this mod in wrong place, the launcher will give you an error that "file not found".

  • Some other mods have no compatibility with other mod when installed in one folder. Make sure there is no non-compatible mods installed in your game directory.
    • So far this mod is compatible with most popular mods like ShockWave, Rise of the Reds, Tiberian Dawn Redux, Cold War Crisis, C&C Untitled, or any other mods that use mod launcher. If you're unsure that other mods compatible or not, uninstall them.

  • If the mod won't run after clicking the shortcut, run the mod shortcut as administrator. Mostly, Windows Vista/7/8 users have this problem.
  • Also check the install directory user privileges. The launcher needs to rename some files in order to run the mod. Turn off the UAC if necessary.
  • Some people have their game copy missing the Script folder in the game directory. Download this and extract it in Data\Scripts\ folder in the game directory. (Thanks to SWR team for providing the fix)

NOTE: Some people really can't use the launcher, try using the non-installer version.



If you want to play network game with this mod, make sure this mod installed in both/all computers, or you will get a mismatch/desync error. Also, you can't use this mod for playing worldwide online except all player in the match use this mod for playing.

C&C Ultimate Collection / Origin

For those who use the C&C Ultimate Edition, normally you cannot play mods because EA is a prick. Download and use Bibber's Fixed Launcher so you can play mods with your C&C Ultimate Collection.

Unexpected Shutdown

If you just experienced unexpected shutdown (because of BSOD, electrical shortage, etc.) while running the mod, the launcher haven't renamed the mod files back. Thus the launcher won't run properly and if you run the normal Zero Hour it When this happen, try clean reinstall.

Some Recommendations

  • If you have secondary partition, it's very recommended to install the Zero Hour and the mods there. It will prevent any of the permission issues you would experience when installing into Drive C:\. Installing outside Program Files folder is an acceptable alternative as well.
  • If you have the spare disk space, a backup of clean install Zero Hour folder is recommended.
  • You also could install different mods into different folder that each contained the clean install of Zero Hour. This will also prevent multiple mod compatibility problems.
    • Go to here to see how to.

Non-Installer Version

There is a Non-Installer version that can be downloaded if you prefer to not using the mod installer and launcher (or simply cannot). The differences between installer version and non-installer version:


  • Simpler installation process (just need copy & paste)
  • .big files instead .npm files (faster game load)
  • No installer/launcher problem craps
  • Launch the mod from original ZH shortcuts


  • Bigger archive file (slower to download)
  • Harder to uninstall (you need to remove the mod files manually)
  • Cannot be installed in same folder with another mods
  • You cannot run normal Zero Hour this way

Recommended guide to install the mod using the non-installer version:

  • Make a copy of your Zero Hour folder. It's recommended to place the copied folder outside the Program Files.
  • Extract the downloaded ZIP file of the non-installer version into the copy folder you just made.
  • Open the Data folder on your ZH copy folder. Check if there is a folder named Script. If it exist, remove that folder. (else you can't play this mod with its enhanced AI)
  • Run the generals.exe in the copied ZH folder to play this mod.
  • If you want to remove this mod, just remove your copied folder.

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